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Gene-Based Healthcare 
Health is greatly affected by our diet, lifestyle, exercise, environment, and our emotional health - therefore, the impact of these on an individual's genetic makeup should not be underestimated. Science has been making ground-breaking discoveries, the knowledge of how genes are influenced by the external factors has enabled us to bespoke health programs from supporting the chronically ill patient to improve health to personalise a preventive approach for individuals aiming to improve life expectancy and quality of life or for individuals at peak fitness levels to gain the most from their training programs. It is a fit for all age groups. 
My passion to help individuals to free the wellness within has made me explore the world of genetics. I am very much interested on the effect of both our conscious and unconscious mind and their effect on our health from a cellular level. 
Genetics in practice is at the forefront of clinical science for personalised healthcare. Our body is a result of a combination of our parent’s genes. The genes are made of DNA and are the template to protein synthesis, (all our cells, and even blood, are packed with protein molecules). Amongst individuals, 99% of our DNA is identical, the remaining 1% accounts to small variations known as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). These small variations can have a profound impact on the functioning of the genes and hence the biological pathway of the genes activity in our organism affecting the body's metabolic functions that are key for maintaining a state of health. 
Bespoke lifestyle and nutritional recommendations are aimed at compensating for the genetic variants. 
Timing "is everything" 
Do you know what makes you tick? 
Every cell of your body has a set of clocks ticking, the same is true for animals, plants and fungi. 
Our sleeping patterns, daily working rhythm, lifestyle, meal timing etc. all will have an impact on our body's circadian rhythm. Having said that, what do you think it would happen when our clocks gets "messed up"? Well, if the beautiful synchrony of our internal orchestra misses as little as a single note, our body will respond accordingly and this will have all sorts of impact in our health therefore, we are increasing our chances of developing certain diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer... 
Your sleeping patterns, daily working rhythm, lifestyle, meal timing etc. all will have an impact on your circadian rhythm. Despite we cannot adjust our clock whenever we wish, we can work around our clock trying to minimize the dreadful impact of our lifestyle through developing a personalised plan to suit both your routine and your body's requirements. 
New in the UK! Styku 3D 
In order to improve and maintain health and fitness, accurate body composition analysis is essential. 
The Styku 3D Body Composition Analyser is the ultimate in body scan and shape analysers. 
Styku is powered by the world safest and most precise 3D sensor motion capture using harmless infrared light. 
Measure Body Fat and Overall Fitness: 
Body Fat Analysis 
Fat Loss Calculator 
Caloric Expenditure 
Assess and Stratify Health Risk: 
Body Shape Analysis 
Risk Analysis 
Risk Reduction 
A key tool to help both the practitioner and client to achieve the goals with accuracy and precision. 
Visualise fat loss in 3D and track the results over time with detailed report! 
book a consultation 
Feel free to contact me for a free 20 minutes phone call. 
Face to Face Consultation 
Portishead – Bristol – Guildford 
Initial Consultation | 90 - 120 Minutes 
First Consultation: Case Review 
Lifestyle: routine and sleep patterns. 
Diet and Supplements recall. 
Medical and Health History review. 
Mindfulness: Emotional Health - clients can appreciate how the emotions play a role in our health at the different stages of life and how oscillations impact from a cellular perspective and hence, health. 
Foundational Coaching based on our consultation 
3D Body Composition Analyses with report and BIA 
Bespoke Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Report 
Ordering of appropriate lab testing 
The Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan can be also followed by your family, it benefits all, 
Follow Up 
60 - 80 Minutes 
Discussion of any Lab-test result. 
Discussion of Nutrition and Lifestyle Report 
Cont. - Bespoke Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle 
Tracking progress with 3D Body Composition Analysis and BIA. 
3D Scan and Body Plan 
30 Minutes 
Full 3D Scan Report 
Diet Plan to match the report and your goals 
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