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Ana Rito 
BSc Hons (ANutr) Nutrition 
In order to support you to achieve your goals I perform the following: 
Holistic review of your lifestyle and diet 
Personalised non-invasive lab tests to look for the variances in your DNA that affect health in order to personalise both a nutrition and lifestyle plan 
Body Composition Analyses: Styku is the world most precise 3D body composition and shape analyser that not only provides the visual image, but also it gives a detailed report of your body composition in accordance with the WHO (World Health Organisation) values for health and values for fitness, allowing us to set goals and track the progress over time 
As we progress you will be coached to develop your own understanding about the yourself, the clinical aspects and what impact the environment and your choices will have in your life 
Your Body 
Your Temple 
Imagine yourself as a temple, your body acts like its structure providing support. The people who visit the temple acts like your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. As we would expect, the temple needs maintenance and repair therefore, not only the physical maintenance through food and lifestyle is required; the equilibrium between your thoughts and emotional health are key to help achieve a constant status of wellbeing. 
Find within yourself the meaning in life, your beauty, ways to strengthen your purpose in life, power to overcome the odds, respect, good vibrations and enlightened feelings like gratitude. Look after your temple, and free the wellness within
Throughout Life 
Our temple was created at the moment of conception and its maintenance was supported by the nutrients our Mother ingested during pregnancy, these nutrients will be also be necessary once we are born and throughout our life, when we can no longer depends on our Mother’s nutrition. However, these building blocks alone cannot support our health and wellbeing. Our Mother’s feelings during pregnancy, our own thought and feelings throughout life are key source of energy interacting with our biological system to establish and maintain health. 
Throughout life, the environment and our lifestyle impacts our circadian rhythm desynchronising this harmony and both our physical and emotional health will respond accordingly. A common lifestyle choice, like dietary restriction, imposes increased risk for the health, affecting nutrient and energy balance, endocrine and immune function disturbance, bone density and disordered eating. 
Beyond the physical implication, our beliefs and emotions contribute to this scenario making progress a difficult goal to achieve. 


Ana Rito – Nutritionalist Extraordinaire! 
“I met Ana by chance through a friend and she has been an inspiration for my health and wellbeing from the word go. 
From a casual conversation to embarking on her wonderful programme ,I have found Ana to be a warm , yet straight talking person who has the capability of holding the space for you to discover how your body interacts with food and exercise on a deep level. 
What she offers us is not just the usual ‘eat less , exercise more and one thing works for all’ stuff , its individual, personal and detailed. 
She does a revealing 360 degree/3D electronic scan, asks you questions about your past, your mother, your preferences, your emotions, your habits and your goals and all this information is then used to deliver the most precise yet easy to follow programme that produces visual results within a week ! 
From there you are supported with her gentle encouragement, we celebrate the achievements of course and discuss adjustments, but it’s easy because it’s based on you. 
What Ana does is unique, you wont find it anywhere else because, not only is the programme so different, she also intuitively understands her clients on a deep level so the whole thing works seamlessly. 
Would recommend her to anyone!” 
Nicky M. - United Kingdom 
“Ana is in the process of changing my life for the very much better. Through her thorough knowledge, professional advice and constant encouragement I am finally changing from being overweight and listless to feeling great, looking a lot slimmer and being full of energy. Her diet and exercise recommendations for me are easy to follow and are working wonders. I am delighted with my results so far and it is great working with someone who genuinely cares about me achieving maximum health. If you really want to do something about becoming someone of whom you can be proud, Ana is the person who will help you get there. ( by the way I’m 72 and feel and look 20 years younger!)” 
Jeremy Fraser - United Kingdom 
Google Review 
"Finding Ana has been a blessing for me. In the last 5 years I put on almost 10 kilos, and after losing faith in being able to feel better about my body, I started working on a program with Ana that helped me get in great shape for my wedding. Her holistic approach really helped me focus on the right exercises and habits to maximise the weight loss that I was looking for. Not long after starting the program with her, I began to get compliments from friends and family about my weight. She took the time to educate me about what I was eating and share her knowledge with me, which made a huge difference since I'm now able to carry such knowledge to my day-to-day life. I live in Australia and despite the distance, I had no issues keeping in touch with her. All the appointments were made through video calls, and questions answered through emails and facebook/whats app. I 100% recommend her program to anyone who wishes to feel/look better and learn how to take care of themselves the right way.
Dinah Holdsworth - Australia 
Facebook Review 
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